This is a Blender Add-on which enables support for using pip (the standard Python Package Manager) from within Blender.

Blender utilizes a bundled Python implementation, which does not include pip. Because of this, it is actually quite difficult to install third-party libraries and packages into the Blender Python Implementation.

This issue makes developing Blender Add-ons far more difficult, because developers cannot use tried-and-true 3rd party libraries, and are forced to write the same code over and over for each add-on that needs it.

Pip4Blender makes this just as easy as installing normal add-ons, and supports a developer-centric workflow designed to make building and distributing add-ons with dependencies as simple as possible.


  • Install Pip into the Blender Python installation from the Blender UI
  • Use pip to install specific libraries from the Blender UI
  • Import requirements.txt files from the Blender UI
  • Generate requirements.txt files from the Blender UI
  • Compatible with all Blender versions using Python3 (ie. since Blender 2.5)
  • Compatible with all major Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Linux)


PyAesel is licensed under the MIT license. For further details, please refer to the LICENSE file.