This is a Blender Add-on which enables support for using pip (the standard Python Package Manager) from within Blender.

Blender utilizes a bundled Python implementation, which does not include pip. Because of this, it is actually quite difficult to install third-party libraries and packages into the Blender Python Implementation.

This issue makes developing Blender Add-ons far more difficult, because developers cannot use tried-and-true 3rd party libraries, and are forced to write the same code over and over for each add-on that needs it.

Pip4Blender makes this just as easy as installing normal add-ons, and supports a developer-centric workflow designed to make building and distributing add-ons with dependencies as simple as possible.


  • Install Pip into the Blender Python installation from the Blender UI
  • Use pip to install specific libraries from the Blender UI
  • Import requirements.txt files from the Blender UI
  • Generate requirements.txt files from the Blender UI
  • Compatible with all Blender versions using Python3 (ie. since Blender 2.5)
  • Compatible with all major Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Linux)


PyAesel is licensed under the MIT license. For further details, please refer to the LICENSE file.


If you believe that you have found a bug in Pip4Blender, or have an enhancement request, we encourage you to raise an issue on our github page.